About this site

Welcome to the home of Fogsworth, the little town that exists somewhere in the imagination. If you close your eyes and listen hard and long enough, you might just hear the clopming of hooves over cobblestones, as the horse-drawn carriages ferry people around the town.

You won’t find people as we know them, in Fogsworth. Not the kind that walk around on two legs and eat hamburgers and talk about the weather. Here, no-one wears shoes or stares at a screen or goes on a diet. Shoes don’t exist here because the people of Fogsworth don’t need them. No-one in Fogsworth stares at screens because electricity hasn’t yet been invented. No-one here is on a diet because the people of Fogsworth take only what they need, and share what they have left over. Well, most of them.

This website will, in time, tell you everything you need to know about the world of Fogsworth, and its many wonderful inhabitants.

There's always a light on and a place for you here. Drop in any time.